Monday, December 30, 2013

#LOTD Get the look!

Hi guys! Today's post will be a get the look of the day post. I will be showing you guys the products I used in this look. Enjoy! Shall we call this look pretty in pink? All girls are beautiful in pink.
If you haven't noticed I always have messy hair -neat hair just isn't my look.

Base: foundation primer by Laura Mercier & BB cream by Elisha Coy
Concealer & Settling Powder: Undercover Pot by Laura Mercier
Blush: Pale Pink by Bobbi Brown
Contour: Contouring Blush and Bronzing powder from E.L.F

I am trying to empty my samples. So I tried this Always Nudy BB 24 by Elisha Coy. The coverage isn't very much -just a sheer BB cream. I don't have a lot of things need covering for my face so this is fine. This is the swatch on my wrist. It appears darker on my wrist. I am not sure if you guys can tell where is the swatch though. Maybe it's so NUDE that you can't tell. Ha ha.

Ever since I got my undercover pot from the Laura Mercier Flawless Face Kit from Sephora I love it so much and hasn't been looking at/for another concealer since. It just worked so well for me. Secret camouflage (right) for scars/acne, secret concealer (left) for undereyes dark circle and translucent loose setting powder for settling my face makeup.
Picture from
I just got this new Bobbi Brown duo blusher in Pale Pink and Tawny and I love it! Did you know that Kate Middleton uses Pale Pink on her wedding day? I actually apply a subtle layer of Tawny and then finish it with Pale Pink.

Picture from
This blush is so buildable and suitable for all skin shades don't you think?
Bottom left: E.L.F's contouring blush and bronzing powder.

Liner: Stubborn Brown powerpoint eye pencil by M.A.C
Mascara: Dual Perfect by The Face Shop
Brows: Lingering by M.A.C

I use this powerpoint eye pencil to line my upper waterlines and half end of my lower waterlines. Actually the staying power of this is quite ok, at the end of the day 70% are still there and for this if applied as a normal eyeliner, it will transfer to your undereye area making you looking like a panda. This is strictly for lining your waterlines only.

Most of the time I just waterline my eyes because I love the natural eye defining look you can achieve with it.
I love this mascara. One thing that I look for in a mascara is that the lashes must not clump. This works perfectly. Just look at the many short bristles. It lengthens all the lashes.

For my brows I use lingering from M.A.C

 Swatch: (and my previous swatch for stubborn brown powerpoint pencil)
Then I brush them to fill my brows in evenly with this applicator. This applicator was actually from my old favorite eye brow pencil but it discontinued. It's lovely eyebrow pencil from Tony Moly.

Lip balm: Maybelline Baby Lips (no color)

Sometimes you just gotta go natural and love what you're born with! 

Have fun and be beautiful! 

Till then! x

Thursday, December 26, 2013

[REVIEW] Urban Spoon @ Jalan Kayu

Hi guys.

This restaurant/bistro/bar deserves a post because....... My SO and I visited them thrice in a week! So the pictures are accumulated over 2 trips. We dined alfresco and with the lighting it's damn hard to make the dish look delicious when it fact.... It's sooooo delish!

I'm sure most of you know what I'm talking about when I say 'Jalan Kayu Roti Prata'. After Jalan Kayu Roti Prata is Le Steak and after Le Steak is Urban Spoon!
 Urban Spoon - Passion for Food
 The bar/counter/cashier - expect a crowd on football nights.
 I just love the alfresco dining atmosphere here! It's low-lit, it's chilling. Perfect for a catch up over a Heineken!
Activities such as pool and darts are available at a fee. (spot TV screen no.2 here)
Char-girll chicken. This dish is only available on it's 'Weekly Specials' menu as on the first 2 trips my SO ate this and on the third trip they had changed their 'Weekly Specials' menu and is no longer available. This was the best BBQ chicken he has ever eaten. - quoted from him. I had a few tastes of it and it's damn good!-$14.90
This is my favorite! Normally I'm not a Cabonara kind of pasta-person. I'm more to al fungi (my staple order @ pastamania) or aglio olio kind. Never had I ordered a Cabonara dish before. And I certainly did not take the wrong risk by ordering it here. I absolutely love it and will keep ordering this as long as I visit here! I love the chunky cheese flakes, the shiitake mushroom, the runny egg yolk and the bacons in this dish. Love. Love. & more love for this. -$14.90
Order this. Sometimes potato wedges fail me because of their lack of cripsyness, crunchyness and taste (and sometimes those bigger sized wedges just taste bad). But I certainly love this! It's gonna be a tough choice between cheese fries and this if I were to choose! -$7.90
DON'T YOU LOVE THIS? I think I found my new favorite apart from 49 Seats cheese fries and this is $1 cheaper. -$6.90
A different kind of calamari with squid ink sauce. Something new. Wouldn't mind ordering this again.
 Seafood platter. -$38.90
On my third visit the waitress urged me to try this 'Pasta of the Day' instead of my Cabonara. I did, and I did not like it. This is smoked turkey pasta. Tomato + cream just doesn't work for me.

We too ordered the 200g beef burger which tastes like your ordinary cheese burger from mcdonalds if not, worse. I regretted ordering that. I thought it would taste like 'steaky' taste or something. It's just the cheeseburger patty taste.

Service: I must say that there is an inconsistency in their service standards. It must be because of lack of manpower hence the part timers. Sometimes they will forget your requests and you have to re-request for it again. Just patient at their service and keep requesting it with different staffs. The staff does not note down your orders instead they just remember it at the back of their head.

Conclusion: I would definitely return again. This is not the end of my Urban Spoon journey! This is the place for you if you're looking for a cigarette on your left and a beer on your right kind of chillax.

Urban Spoon
246 Jalan Kayu
Singapore 799470
Tel: 6752 9288

Till then! x

Monday, December 23, 2013


Hi guys!

I'm gonna side-track a bit from all the foodie enteries and today I am introducing you to a whole new level of contest/giveaways winning! I don't know about you but I'm definitely a contest junkie! Free stuffs just gets to me.

Just to share with you guys (what a contest junkie I am), recently I had won a giveaway from Yan Teng AKA Tenisha's Sephora Press Day giveaway and Miss Tam Chiak's Pizza Hut $50 dinning voucher giveaway! Again, thank you Yan Teng and Miss Tam Chiak for the generous giveaway! (What fantastic Christmas presents!) I am seriously a hardcore contest/giveaway junkie! It's nothing to be ashamed about! It's all about the thrill of winning!

So what does this Prizle has to do with contest or giveaways? I think the best phrase to describe this platform is that: You will never have to miss another contest ever again. Word. What all Prizzle is about is that it's full of never ending contests waiting for you to win!

The App. It's just so easy. You can join contests anywhere! On the toilet bowl while taking your morning dump? In the kitchen waiting for your water to boil? Or even during your working hours to 'eat snake'? Anywhere. Simple. Convenient. Which I love! After checking out all of your social media apps out you can definitely all this onto your list! Just key in "PRIZLE" and you'll find it! It's the beauty of having such an ass-kicking unique name!

Registering is damn easy. Simply "Login with Facebook"!!!!!! (This is dummy proof and for lazy people like me!!!!)

Rewarding. The best thing about this platform is that, Everyone is a Winner. Why? For every contest that you join, you earn points. With the accumulation of points, it allows you to redeem vouchers/prizes! It's so rewarding isn't it! "No win contest nevermind, I'm still gonna be rewarded for my tough luck!"

Before you go saying, "Aiya, not for me lah I only interested in winning travel deals." With Prizle, we've got you covered! Just look at the array of categories of FREE stuffs that are waiting for you to win!
Seriously what are you waiting for? Join me at now! Let's win us some freebies!

Till then! x

P.S: This is my contest entry. Let's win me some money!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

[REVIEW] COLLIN'S Grille.Bento @ Bedok (newly opened)

Hi guys!

Before I go into COLLIN'S, do you know about Hot Tomato? Them serving aglio olio with every main dish ordered? If you love them, you're gonna love COLLIN'S much much much better. Or at least I do.

So after you order and pay, you will be given this device that will rings and blinks red lights when your order is ready!

 This is my medium rare Ribeye Steak without the salad (reason for it looking so plain)
 This is my boy's Steak & Prawn medium done.
 This is our friend's Chicken Chop.
 Roasted Chicken Ceasar Salad
Cheesy Criss Cross Potatoes

Hot Tomato (HT) VS Collin's Grille.Bento (CGB)

Servings: As you can see, CBG definitely wins. Their servings are much bigger than HT even if we did not change away the salad for more pasta. (e.g look at the chicken chop dish)

Price: CGB are priced cheaper than HT maybe because they are not situated at shopping malls? But still being a consumer I don't really care where you are situated if you serve good food.

Variety: CGB wins. You should have seen the menu! Plus they serve Japanses bentos too!

Accessibility: There are 9 outlets throughout Singapore. (newest is the Bedok outlet not in the list)

(this I got it from

I'll definitely return to Collin's instead of Hot Tomato! 

Till then! x 

P.S: I'm in no way affiliated to Collin's and the comparison to Hot Tomato is totally random as I was a frequent customer of HT and the dishes that I ordered is identically similar. (e.g. steak & prawn)

Saturday, December 14, 2013

[REVIEW] Dim Sum @ Crystal Jade Kitchen

Hi guys. This is so long overdue. Haven't been blogging because I'm so hooked on this app called Carousell. Maybe I'll blog about it later so you guys can join in the fun too!

Please note that Crystal Jade Kitchen does not serve Xiao Long Bao (XLB), it's only available at Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao.

I'm not going to go through one dish by one dish because this was a breakfast for 9 people and we ordered a lot. I am just going to touch on the dishes that would make me return again.

Firstly, pictures of the 'meh' and 'I've had better' dishes. Just to show you the variety.

  I did not try this dish, it was on a tray meant for other tables but I just took (a picture of) it anyway.
  I did not try this dish, it was on a tray meant for other tables but I just took (a picture of) it anyway.
Their Siew Mai has mushrooms in it.
 I did not try this but from what my aunt says, 'meh'.
 I did not eat this cause I do not eat Yam so I'm not a judge for this.
 I did not try this either.
 This was okay not too bad but I guess I'm not a spring roll kind of person?
Sweet (and a little much for a dessert).

Then these are the dishes that I like better.

 I like this. Will definitely order this. (much better than Peach Garden's)
Woooo, this I love! Done just the way a pork rib dish should!

This............ definitely one of the better char sar siew out there.
THIS IS DA BOMB. I love it! You should have seen this picture I posted on my Instagram because I am just so in love with this. It's so shiny right! I can't describe it but please do order it and eat it hot! I love the sweetness of the eggs in this. I don't know if the egg tarts selling at Crystal Jade My Bread tastes as good as this but I am just going to the restaurant and have it take away anyway. 3 for $4 is mad worth!

Off the dim sum menu we ordered their porridge, pork with century egg and fish with century egg. I've tried the fish with century egg and I like it! 1 bowl and can be shared with 2-3 people. So these are the 5 dishes that I will definitely order right away when I visit again.

Till then! x