Thursday, December 26, 2013

[REVIEW] Urban Spoon @ Jalan Kayu

Hi guys.

This restaurant/bistro/bar deserves a post because....... My SO and I visited them thrice in a week! So the pictures are accumulated over 2 trips. We dined alfresco and with the lighting it's damn hard to make the dish look delicious when it fact.... It's sooooo delish!

I'm sure most of you know what I'm talking about when I say 'Jalan Kayu Roti Prata'. After Jalan Kayu Roti Prata is Le Steak and after Le Steak is Urban Spoon!
 Urban Spoon - Passion for Food
 The bar/counter/cashier - expect a crowd on football nights.
 I just love the alfresco dining atmosphere here! It's low-lit, it's chilling. Perfect for a catch up over a Heineken!
Activities such as pool and darts are available at a fee. (spot TV screen no.2 here)
Char-girll chicken. This dish is only available on it's 'Weekly Specials' menu as on the first 2 trips my SO ate this and on the third trip they had changed their 'Weekly Specials' menu and is no longer available. This was the best BBQ chicken he has ever eaten. - quoted from him. I had a few tastes of it and it's damn good!-$14.90
This is my favorite! Normally I'm not a Cabonara kind of pasta-person. I'm more to al fungi (my staple order @ pastamania) or aglio olio kind. Never had I ordered a Cabonara dish before. And I certainly did not take the wrong risk by ordering it here. I absolutely love it and will keep ordering this as long as I visit here! I love the chunky cheese flakes, the shiitake mushroom, the runny egg yolk and the bacons in this dish. Love. Love. & more love for this. -$14.90
Order this. Sometimes potato wedges fail me because of their lack of cripsyness, crunchyness and taste (and sometimes those bigger sized wedges just taste bad). But I certainly love this! It's gonna be a tough choice between cheese fries and this if I were to choose! -$7.90
DON'T YOU LOVE THIS? I think I found my new favorite apart from 49 Seats cheese fries and this is $1 cheaper. -$6.90
A different kind of calamari with squid ink sauce. Something new. Wouldn't mind ordering this again.
 Seafood platter. -$38.90
On my third visit the waitress urged me to try this 'Pasta of the Day' instead of my Cabonara. I did, and I did not like it. This is smoked turkey pasta. Tomato + cream just doesn't work for me.

We too ordered the 200g beef burger which tastes like your ordinary cheese burger from mcdonalds if not, worse. I regretted ordering that. I thought it would taste like 'steaky' taste or something. It's just the cheeseburger patty taste.

Service: I must say that there is an inconsistency in their service standards. It must be because of lack of manpower hence the part timers. Sometimes they will forget your requests and you have to re-request for it again. Just patient at their service and keep requesting it with different staffs. The staff does not note down your orders instead they just remember it at the back of their head.

Conclusion: I would definitely return again. This is not the end of my Urban Spoon journey! This is the place for you if you're looking for a cigarette on your left and a beer on your right kind of chillax.

Urban Spoon
246 Jalan Kayu
Singapore 799470
Tel: 6752 9288

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hyacinth said...

Thank you for your comments and reviews! Trying to improve our service too...hope that you will atill come back and give us feedback again for us to improve our food and service to everyone:)

Anonymous said...

The one beside LeSteak is not the Jalan Kayu famous roti prata. The roti prata is Thasevi, which is across the road on the other side of Jalan Kayu. Other than that, great review!