Wednesday, December 18, 2013

[REVIEW] COLLIN'S Grille.Bento @ Bedok (newly opened)

Hi guys!

Before I go into COLLIN'S, do you know about Hot Tomato? Them serving aglio olio with every main dish ordered? If you love them, you're gonna love COLLIN'S much much much better. Or at least I do.

So after you order and pay, you will be given this device that will rings and blinks red lights when your order is ready!

 This is my medium rare Ribeye Steak without the salad (reason for it looking so plain)
 This is my boy's Steak & Prawn medium done.
 This is our friend's Chicken Chop.
 Roasted Chicken Ceasar Salad
Cheesy Criss Cross Potatoes

Hot Tomato (HT) VS Collin's Grille.Bento (CGB)

Servings: As you can see, CBG definitely wins. Their servings are much bigger than HT even if we did not change away the salad for more pasta. (e.g look at the chicken chop dish)

Price: CGB are priced cheaper than HT maybe because they are not situated at shopping malls? But still being a consumer I don't really care where you are situated if you serve good food.

Variety: CGB wins. You should have seen the menu! Plus they serve Japanses bentos too!

Accessibility: There are 9 outlets throughout Singapore. (newest is the Bedok outlet not in the list)

(this I got it from

I'll definitely return to Collin's instead of Hot Tomato! 

Till then! x 

P.S: I'm in no way affiliated to Collin's and the comparison to Hot Tomato is totally random as I was a frequent customer of HT and the dishes that I ordered is identically similar. (e.g. steak & prawn)

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Phoenix111 said...

3 of the chefs are from HT.